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Dionne Quiachon is named on Supply and Demand Chain Executive’s “Women in Supply Chain” list.

23 September 2020 By PRNewswire

A&R Logistics, North America’s leading supply chain services company to the chemical industry, announced today that its Chief Environmental, Health, Safety and Security Officer, Dionne Quiachon, has been named a top female professional in supply chain by leading industry publication, Supply and Demand Chain Executive.

The Women in Supply Chain award honors female leaders whose examples of excellence in the industry set a foundation for women to succeed at all levels of a company’s supply chain network.

Quiachon joined A&R in March during a period of rapid expansion marked by three acquisitions within 12 months. Her two decades of experience in industrial hygiene, regulatory compliance and risk reduction helped the business to notably sharpen and scale its health and safety focus. Quiachon has also helped position  safety excellence as a strategic driver of growth for the company.

“Dionne has not only advanced the safety operation across our organization, she’s also spearheaded our environmental responsibility efforts and brought a workplace culture of safety  to the forefront of our business,” said A&R President, Chris Ball. “These three pillars are core to supporting A&R’s aggressive growth strategy.”

“Seventeen-percent of chief supply chain officers are now women, according to Gartner’s 2020 Women in Supply Chain Survey,” said Quiachon. “The launch of the Women in Supply Chain award is a testament to the impact women are having on this industry. I’m honored to be part of this positive transformation and know we’re only at the tip of the spear when it comes to the impact women will have in this space.” 

In addition to aggressive growth through M&A, A&R is expanding its physical footprint with two strategically located export facilities set to open during the second half of this year in Charleston and Savannah. The company’s multi-port strategy, infrastructure and deep expertise in export operations provides unmatched flexibility for customers including abundant empty containers, deep water access for the largest container ships and heavyweight corridor access.

Integral to the success of both, Quiachon is overseeing the safety and security planning for the facilities, such as ensuring security access measures, environmental protection and product safety protocol.

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