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New Trailer Service Program

12 October 2020

A&R Logistics announces initiative to improve the operation and appearance of its trailer fleet.

As the fleet grows and the plastic transportation business expands, A&R Logistics has initiated a two-fold comprehensive program to expand their trailer service program to include a new 90-day PM to be added to the current 180-day PM schedule. This intermediate 90-day service will include the preventive maintenance of DOT items while loading and unloading maintenance items will be added to the 180-day service already in place.

A&R’s 567 Peterbilt with J&L Pneumatic trailer

The new program concentrates the company’s efforts around not only A&R’s 567 Peterbilt with J&L Pneumatic trailer making sure that trailers visit shops more often to address DOT items and repairs, but to specific components related to the loading and unloading functions, operation, and appearance of the equipment as well.

Along with the addition of a 90-day service, increased maintenance attention will be focused on the mechanical operation of valves, latches, gauges, and other components that drivers use on a daily basis to load and unload product. The goal is to provide the driver with a unit which performs better and is easier to operate as trailers move through the shops and increased maintenance components. Renewed focus will also be targeted towards the appearance of equipment through exterior cleaning, logo and mud flap replacement, numbering, etc.

With more than 1,200 trailers, A&R Logistics has developed an initial two-year program to kick off efforts to make trailers perform better for its drivers, look better moving in and out of shipping and receiving locations and rolling down the road nationwide.

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