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A&R Invests in New Trucks

24 February 2021
Example of Model 579 with A&R Branding

This year, our liquid and dry bulk transport divisions will invest over $10 million in new trucks and purchase 80 Peterbilt model 579 trucks. The new model 579 was released a couple of weeks ago and has many features that we are excited to bring to our fleet including:

The sleeper cabin has 8 feet of headroom and 70 cubic feet of storage. It can double as an office.
  • New safety features including lane assist technology and collision mitigation
  • More aerodynamic design and better fuel mileage
  • Spacious sleepers, bringing more comfort to our drivers
  • Digital dashboard with state-of-the-art technology

And A&R is not stopping here. We commit to improve our fleet inventory, where necessary, and plan on investing in an additional 100 trucks by the end of 2022.

Drivers eligible for these new trucks will be based on a variety of factors and needs. We are excited to bring these new models into our terminals and onto the roads across America!

Image of the model 579 digital dashboard.
Images courtesy of Peterbilt.

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