Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct defines our basic standards for conducting business on a daily basis with our coworkers, customers and vendors.

This code reflects our core values and company culture.

We prioritize the safety of ourselves and colleagues.

  • We follow safety protocols expected in our roles and within our teams.
  • We report unsafe behavior or activities to management.

We act with integrity.

  • We conduct business with integrity and honesty.
  • We are ethical in all of our decisions and business transactions, including not accepting bribes or gifts and avoiding conflicts of interest.
  • We follow policies and local laws required for the role and of the company in general.

We are responsible with company property.

  • We follow appropriate security protocols to keep our people and equipment safe.
  • We protect data, and will not discuss or reveal confidential information with anyone without proper authorization.

We are accountable for our actions.

  • We complete tasks that are expected of us in a timely manner.
  • We understand our job responsibilities and seek assistance when something is unclear.
  • We honor business obligations.

We are environmentally and socially responsible citizens.

  • We follow local regulations and requirements expected of us as it relates to environmental and social responsibility.
  • We consider environmental impacts in our operational decisions.
  • We are innovative in finding ways to improve our impact on the environment and our local communities.

We operate with dignity and respect toward others.

  • We strive to build a diverse workforce with our own people and the people with whom we work.
  • We seek to build trust and demonstrate respect for human dignity and rights in all relationships.
  • We do not engage in or tolerate unlawful workplace conduct, including discrimination, intimidation, or harassment.