Military Veterans

Quantix is proud of our veteran workforce.

At Quantix, we support the employment of military veterans as they bring a strong sense of integrity, loyalty, and respect, which are a part of Quantix’s core values and code of conduct. More than 6% of our workforce is made up of veterans, and their continued contribution to our success is recognized throughout our organization. Quantix is committed to seeking out talented and diverse individuals and gives all employees the opportunity to develop and advance their careers.

We appreciate your service to this country, and we would be honored if you joined our team.

We support our active military, military veterans, and their families with various programs including:

  • Being a corporate partner in the Military Spouse Employer Partnership (MSEP). MSEP connects military spouses with hundreds of partner employers who commit to recruit, hire, promote and retain military spouses.
  • Providing leadership programs, technical and soft skills training, and professional and personal development planning that allows for expanded growth opportunities
  • Rotating a veteran pride truck around our terminals to promote our support for veterans and to engage our veteran employees by getting behind the wheel of the pride truck. We also hand out military veteran truck decals so drivers can display their military pride while on the road.
  • Abiding by all EEOC rules and regulations
  • Offering competitive pay and benefits


“Honor, Courage, and Commitment are the core values of the Marine Corps.  These core values are carried with me to this day.  They apply daily from meeting our customers’ needs and demands to safely operating our commercial vehicles for my safety and those around me on the road. Working at Quantix, I have the privilege of serving our nation by keeping the supply chain moving.”

Michael M. DeLeon, Independent contractor for Quantix (Years of Military Service: 1995-1999)

“Work ethic and integrity developed in the military play a major role in my job. If you do your job right and respect each other and our customers, then we stand out as a company. When I left the military, I did a few different jobs and then came across a CDL driver ad. I wish I found out about Quantix before those other jobs”

Mike Joyner, Company Driver for Quantix (Years of Military Service: 1993-2013)

“As a veteran at Quantix, I bring perseverance and dedication to the task at hand. Working out of the Fort Worth terminal is the best place I’ve worked in last 16 years.”

Elvis Robertson, Company Driver for Quantix (Years of Military Service: 1975-1985)

“Quantix has given me the opportunity to use my skills as a Terminal Manager to lead my terminal into the future with teamwork, trust, and the willingness and hard work to push forward.”

John D. Thompson, Terminal Manager for Quantix (Years of Military Service: 1985-1989)

“Working at Quantix is an experience I have and will continue to cherish. As a veteran, it seems like an extension of the military. The teamwork and family that are built here are amazing. Quantix makes the work environment a place that fosters a career commitment. The people I work with are not just coworkers, they are family.”

Michael Polk, Company Driver for Quantix (Years of Military Service: 1981-1985)

“It means a great deal to me to be a part of the Quantix team. The camaraderie and sense of community I share with my co-workers as we all hone in on one common goal is reminiscent of the good ol’ days back on the boat!”

Justin Sparkman, Operations Associate for Quantix (Years of Military Service: 2010-2014)