For more than half a century, Quantix has provided the world’s largest chemical companies with end-to-end support through a nationwide network, comprehensive suite of services and the highest level of safety, compliance and integrity. Our operations and full carrier network are fused with robust technologies like our Quantix On Track™ Visibility solution, electronic logging, GPS tracking and video intelligence all within one portal, which gives customers invaluable real-time and predictive monitoring to best manage their businesses.

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3PL Solutions

We are the largest, chemical-focused 3PL and freight broker in North America, allowing us to support a variety of industries with services like dry bulk trucking, rail fleet & freight management, flat bed transportation, warehousing and more. Quantix OnTrack customized technology solutions gives you complete visibility of your products from manufacture to consumption, regardless of mode and regardless of provider. Know where your product is for your customer – all the time.

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We have an army of assets ready to move bulk raw manufacturing and production materials for the chemical and agricultural markets. Liquid bulk materials are stored and transported in our insulated trailers that maintain critical temperatures through in-transit heat. Our tanks are cleaned after every delivery using specific methods based on the material hauled while following stringent safety procedures. Should you require disposal services, we are also fully licensed to transport liquid and solid materials to a regulated disposal site.

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2022 Liquid Tariff – Schedule of Charges

2022 Dry Bulk Tariff 

The Quantix fleet also includes modern, versatile dry van tractors and trailers to transport a wide range of packaged materials such as boxes, bags, super sacks, drums and other containers. Our late-model vehicles provide the highest level of protection and are equipped with the most advanced technology that allows customers to take advantage of instantaneous interaction between shipper and carrier, which is necessary for today’s fast-paced environment.

ISO Containers are one of the most reliable methods to safely transport liquid bulk freight between customers, rails and port entryways to complete your liquid chemical supply chain. Along with benefits like pump & air compressor capabilities and HazMat certified drivers, our ISO transport is tracked in real time via GPS technology.

As a natural extension to warehousing or as a stand-alone service, Quantix can offer import or export services to deliver your container to or from any port, facility or rail ramp in North America. Whether it is a rail ramp delivery in Chicago, a ship on the East, Gulf or West coast ports, or anywhere in between, we can seamlessly coordinate all of your drayage needs.

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Enhanced Services

In-Plant Services:
Partner with Quantix to bring innovative ideas and systems right to your plant floor. We work directly with you to optimize your on-site operations through areas like staffing, training, process design, equipment maintenance, continuous improvement, quality and repairs.

Resin Enhancement:
Quantix Resin Enhancement Services upgrade second quality resin into prime, recovering the quality and profit margin of a bad batch and relieving burdened plant production schedules. We provide screening, optical sorting, gravimetric blending, drying and dedusting. Resin Enhancement Services can be requested in conjunction with contract packaging or as a stand-alone option.

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Distribution Centers

Quantix warehouses manage all types of packaging, re-bulking, general storage and handling for boxes, bags, super sacks, FIBCs, drums and other containers. Full truckload, less-than-load, dry or refrigerated; Quantix has it covered. Our ISO-certified facilities assure that your product is in the best condition for delivery to the customer. All facilities are fully equipped with real-time warehouse management systems, so you know where your inventory is at all times, in real time. Thousands of rail car positions located across the country allow you to position bulk materials where you need them to serve your customers with on-time delivery.

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Export / Import Services

The Quantix multi-port strategy is strategically crafted to meet the ever-increasing export demand for plastic resin. With facilities in the Gulf Coast region serving Port Houston and the East Coast serving Port of Charleston and Port of Savannah, we’ve created abundant access and options for customers. With a complete plant-to-port offering, we’re ready to solve your challenges across packaging, warehousing, rail service, drayage and more, whenever and wherever you need it.

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Eco Recovery

Quantix Eco Recovery Transportation Solutions for Industrial Processes includes recycling, reuse and re-refining. Eco-Recovery Services use roll-off boxes to provide an environmentally effective way to manage solid waste. Our roll-off trailers are both single and double rail/roll-off capable, allowing for flexible transportation services and efficient disposal methods for both hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials. Additionally, our trucks and drivers are permitted to carry hazardous waste materials to all approved waste sites in the United States and undergo comprehensive training on safety practices.

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