Supplier Code of Conduct

Quantix’s Supplier Code of Conduct provides the basic framework for business conduct with our suppliers and provides the mutual standards and expectations for a trusted business relationship. The following Guiding Principles will assist in further defining these requirements:         

Guiding Principles:

  • Legal Compliance
  • Ethics & Integrity
  • Labor Practices
  • Security & Privacy
  • Corporate Responibility

Legal Compliance

  • Quantix expects its suppliers to comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing the provision of goods and services that are requested.
  • Suppliers should view these legal requirements as the minimum standard for conducting business.
  • Suppliers are expected to promptly report to Quantix any legal violations or violations of this Code or other applicable Quantix policies.

Ethics & Integrity

  • Suppliers will uphold the highest ethical standards to promote honesty, integrity, and trust in all business dealings.
  • Suppliers will compete fairly and ethically for Quantix business.
  • Supplier will not offer or accept bribes, kickbacks, personal gifts, incentives, or the like, in any business dealings with Quantix. 
  • Suppliers are to avoid all conflicts of interest, or the appearance of such conflicts, relating to any current of prospective business activities.

  Labor Practices

  • Quantix is committed to treating all workers with dignity and respect. We expect our suppliers to manage and treat their workforce in a similar fashion.
  • Suppliers will provide their employees with a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Suppliers will not engage in any type of human trafficking, forced labor or child labor.
  • Suppliers will build and foster an inclusive and diverse work environment free from harassment, intimidation and discrimination.
  • Suppliers with meet or exceed all legal requirements for wages and benefits and comply with all applicable labor laws.

 Security & Privacy

  • Suppliers are to protect the privacy of individuals and the security of confidential assets and information.
  • Suppliers must design and maintain appropriate security measures and protocols to provide protection against unlawful or unapproved access to this information.
  • Suppliers will safeguard any Quantix property while in their care, custody and control.

Corporate Responsibility

  • Quantix is committed to sustainability and reducing its impact on the environment and continues to work suppliers, customers and industry organizations to do the same.
  • Suppliers must comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  • Suppliers are to undertake initiatives to promote heightened environmental responsibility, including:
    • Waste management, disposal and recycling
    • Reduction of greenhouse gas and other emissions harmful to the environment
    • Conservation of non-renewable natural resources

It is Quantix’s goal to build trusted and valued business partnerships with its supply base. We expect our suppliers to conduct business in accordance with these Guiding Principles and to notify us in the case of any violations. We believe that open, honest, and timely communication can prevent problems and allow for prompt correction if any issues have already occurred.  

The Guiding Principles found in this Code will provide a solid foundation for strong business relationships and mutual success by doing what is right and taking care of our property, people, communities, and the environment.