Our commitment to safety is at the core of everything we do.

Quantix strives to be a global leader in safety, health, environmental protection and security by protecting our employees, environment, communities in which we operate, and customers through a safety culture of excellence.

We act on our commitment to safety by:

  • Establishing a proactive program of risk identification, assessment and control to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all
  • Integrating environmental, health and safety (EH&S) considerations into our business planning and decision-making processes, as well as into our operations and services
  • Continually training and educating our managers and employees on safety-related topics through our internal safety awareness and engagement program, Safety InSight
  • Adopting methods to minimize the environmental and health impact of our operations by reducing waste and emissions while conserving resources wherever possible. Learn more about our sustainability efforts
  • Setting environmental and safety goals and recognizing the employees who help us achieve them
  • Consulting with employees, partners and the communities in which we operate to improve our understanding of internal and external EH&S issues associated with our operations, and constantly finding ways to address them
  • Committing to the Responsible Care Guiding Principles of the American Chemistry Council and the program’s focus on continual improvement
  • Providing the resources, training, education and support to all parties who work for, or on behalf of, our company to ensure we are promoting safety and injury prevention in every possible way